Our procurement policy

Our long-established supply network ensures we can trade with confidence with our international suppliers.

We are in a strong position to continually supply a comprehensive range on demand at competitive prices which meets the needs of the dynamic market place.

Our international market expertise and network means that we are able to continually supply a comprehensive range directly from stock which meets the needs of the market place at competitive prices.

This is what we expect from our suppliers:

  • Basic concepts

    All our suppliers are carefully vetted – our relationships are characterised by the reciprocal recognition that our business transactions are designed to be successful over the long term for both sides. We expect and offer open communication, clearly defined marketing policies, mutual support and ethical business practices.

  • Quality

    We are interested in acquiring only undamaged, unused products in their original packaging that are from unimpeachable sources.

  • Professional collaboration

    As these are also thinks that our clientèle expects from us, we expect from our suppliers fully reliability and quality in terms of delivery and structured, dependable order processing involving proactive communication.

In return, we offer our suppliers

Sustainable purchase volumes

One of our main attributes is our ability to maintain product availability. To supply our worldwide network of some 2500 mobile device resellers, we need up to 4 million devices annually.

Long term business collaboration

Over the past 27 years, TelePart has become one of the leading players in the European mobile communications market. This development is not least attributable to the fact that we focus on reliable suppliers with whom long term and close business relationships bring benefits for all involved.

Dependability and payment reliability

These are for us a matter of course, although not necessarily wide-spread practice in our sector. We know that if any relationship is to be successful, not only deliveries must be on time, but payments must also be made punctually. Our payment practices have long been recognised as the best on offer. And that's something you can rely on.

We listen to you

Once you are on our list of approved suppliers, we'll appoint a personal contact partner for you from our procurement team who will be available to deal with all day-to-day business. And if you have any specialised queries, we have experts in all fields who will be happy to help you.